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Frequently Asked Questions

Viking Card FAQ

What is the Viking Card?

The Viking Card is the official identification card for all CSU students, faculty and staff. The card is required for all active members of the CSU community. The Viking Card is your credential that grants access to University information and services. Use your Viking Card to access buildings, labs and parking garages, to check out books at campus libraries, take tests, use your meal plans and Dining Dollars, carry VikingCash for on-campus purchases, and attend CSU sporting events.

How do I get my Viking Card?

Go to the online Viking Card Office to submit your photo for your ID and follow the instructions. You will have to come to campus to pick up your ID and finalize the process. Viking Cards cannot be mailed at this time.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to pick up my Viking Card?

Yes. You must schedule a day and time to pick up your Viking Card. The link for this can be found on the virtual Viking Card Office page. You then can take the quick link at the bottom of the page to specify whether you are a first-time cardholder or need a replacement card. 

Do I need to bring my government ID?

At the time of issuance, you must have a current government photo ID with you.

Where do I pick up my ID? 

The Viking Card Office is located on the 1st floor of Berkman Hall, Room 112. Berkman Hall is off Euclid Avenue, found in the same hallway as The Jack Joseph and Morton Mandel Honors College. You must make an appointment to pick up your card at this office.

How do I contact the Viking Card Office?

Phone: 216.875.9888

What if my card becomes damaged?

To replace a damaged CSU Viking Card, schedule a time to bring the damaged card to the Viking Card Office, Berkman Hall room 112.
Viking Cards damaged due to normal wear and tear will have no fees assessed to the cardholder if the damaged card is turned in at the Viking Card Office. If the Viking Card Office staff determines the damage on the Viking Card is intentional, or you do not have the card at the time of issuance, a replacement card fee of $20 will be charged.
The Viking Card will be replaced using the existing image of the cardholder.
To schedule a time, click the schedule appointment link. Place “damaged card” in the comment section.
Viking Cards cannot be mailed at this time.

What if my card is lost/stolen?

Lost or Stolen Viking Cards can be deactivated by the cardholder by logging into the Online Card Office. Once the replacement is printed, the original card cannot be reactivated. There is a replacement fee of $20 for a lost/stolen Viking Card.

Is there a fee associated with receiving a replacement Viking Card?

If there is evidence of intentional damage or harm to the card other than normal wear and tear there is an associated fee of $20. The same fee is applied for any lost or stolen cards.

What is VikingCash?

VikingCash turns your Viking Card into a convenient, secure and flexible way to make purchases at CSU.
By adding value to your card, your card can be used instead of cash, credit or debit on campus. VikingCash can be used at all on-campus dining locations, the CSU Bookstore and the Rec Center Pro Shop. You will pay sales tax on your purchase when using VikingCash. 

How do I add VikingCash to my card?

Go to the online card office, where you will be able to add funds yourself. What is the difference between Dining Dollars and VikingCash? Dining Dollars are tax free and can be used for any on-campus dining location. Dining dollars come with each meal plan or can be added separately.
VikingCash works similar to a debit card. Funds can be added to your Viking Card to be used on campus in the bookstore, Rec Center or dining locations. You will pay sales tax on your purchase when using VikingCash.

What is this $100 VikingCash I received?

CSU is leveraging federal CARES Act funding to support all of our students. All eligible* students received $100 on their Viking Cards on March 4, 2022. VikingCash is a debit account that turns your Viking Card into a convenient, secure and flexible way to make purchases at CSU. VikingCash can be used at all Viking Food Co. locations, Viking Outfitters (in-store and online) and the CSU Rec Center Pro Shop.

*Students that are not eligible include the following: Non-degree seeking students, students with zero credit hours, students taking classes not on CSU main campus exclusively, students taking only web courses, students in clinicals, practicums, or dissertations; students in special programs: EG, Project 60, CCP or study aboard; students with no Viking Card; students not enrolled in eligible Spring 2022 courses.