Access Control

Access Control & Security Systems

The Department of Access Control, Fire Safety & Security Systems (AC&SS) provides services to Cleveland State's campus community in the areas of integrated Access Control, Fire Alarm, Fire Prevention, CCTV, Emergency Notification Systems (CSUAlert), Voice Emergency Notification System (VENS), Keys and Cores, and Central Station Monitoring (Fire, Access and Duress) including the fire fiber loop and security support.

Please call 216.687.5386 for assistance. To report all campus emergencies (police, fire, medical, hazmat) dial 9-1-1 from any campus telephone. Cell phone users should also dial 9-1-1 and tell the operator to connect you with CSU Police.

Access Request

Access Request

You can now submit an access request form online!



Lost or Stolen Viking Card

Lost or Stolen Viking CardLost or stolen Viking Cards should be reported immediately. Please log onto the Online Card Office to deactivate your card. If your card has access to doors please contact Access Control & Security to have door access removed. Visit Viking Card office to for all replacement cards.

Contact Access Control & Security Systems at 216 687.5386. We are located in the Plant Services Building. Contact Viking Card at 216 875.9888. They are located in Berkman Hall - BH 115

Keys Ready For Pick-up

Key Ready ListIf you ordered a key please check the Key Ready List to see if your key is ready for pickup. You will need a valid CSU Email Address in order to view the list. Keys awaiting retrieval will be located at the Police Dept. in the Campus Safety (CS) buidling. CS is located on E. 19th and Chester. If a Key is left at the Police Department for over 3 months, the key will be returned to the Lock Shop.


Returning Keys and Key Transfers

Key ReturnKeys must be taken to Access Control located in Plant Services, room 244. As long as you are NOT a separating employee, this can be done in person, or sent through interoffice mail. The person returning the key(s) does NOT have to be the key holder. A receipt for the key return is available and signed by an Access Control employee that accepted the key(s).

If you are separating you will receive a Clearance Checklist form from Human Resources. You must bring this form and your keys to Access Control located in Plant Services, room 244. Because a Clearance Checklist must be signed by the Access Control employee, this must be done in person. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment for key returns 216-687-5386 or 216-687-9845.

To transfer a key please fill out a Key Transfer FormThe form can be sent to AC&SS by e-mail, or interoffice mail.

Emergency Notifications

CSU Alerts

SIGN UP or UPDATE the Emergency Notifications System (CSU Alert)

  • Call 911 to report a fire, emergency, or behavior of concern. 
  • To report a campus emergency, dial 911 or 8911 from any campus telephone.
  • Cell phone users should dial 911 and tell the operator to connect them with CSU Police.
  • Report all threats of violence and suspicious, disturbing, or disruptive behavior to CSU Police using the Workplace Violence Hotline at 216-5BE-SAFE (216-523-7233).

Emergency Notifications Systems (VENS & CSU Alert)

 Emergency Notification Plan