Featured Researcher Videos

The Office of Research began the Featured Researcher Video Series in order to shine a spotlight on some of the outstanding researchers at CSU across a number of different fields. If you would like your research featured in a future video, please contact the Office of Research.

Current Featured Researcher Video

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Previous Featured Researcher Videos

Month Researcher Video
November 2019 Food Safety at CSU Video
September 2019 Undergraduate Research at CSU Video
July 2019 Water Research Video
May 2019 Dementia & Neurodegenerative Disease Video
March 2019 Nanomaterials & Soft Matter at CSU Video
January 2019 Professor Joanna Ganning Video
December 2018 Professor Holly Holsinger Video
November 2018 Professor Patricia Stoddard Dare Video
October 2018 Professor Thijs Heus Video
September 2018 CSU Undergraduate Research Video
August 2018 Professors Dan Simon and Jerzy Sawicki Video
July 2018 Professor Ann Reinthal Video
June 2018 Professor Heidi Gorovitz Robertson Video
May 2018 Professor Mark Holtzblatt Video
April 2018 Professor Cathleen Lewandowski Video
March 2018 Professor Aaron Severson Video
February 2018 Professor Graham Stead Video
January 2018 Professor Ping Deng Video
December 2017 Professor David Forte Video
November 2017 Professor Zhiqiang Gao Video
October 2017 Professor Ronnie Dunn Video
September 2017 CSU Undergraduate Research Video
August 2017 Professor Elliot Ingersoll Video
July 2017 Professor Barsanjit Mazumder Video
June 2017 Professor Vasilios Kosteas Video
April 2017 Professor Chandra Kothapalli Video
March 2017 Professor Edward Horowitz Video
February 2017 Professor John Plecnik Video
January 2017 Professor Richard Perloff Video
December 2016 Professor Conor McLennan Video
November 2016 Professor Nick Zingale Video
October 2016 Professor Lolita Buckner Inniss Video
September 2016 Professor Oya Tukel Video
August 2016 Professor Stephanie Ryberg-Webster Video
July 2016 Professor Rama Jayanti Video
June 2016 Professor Ken Sparks Video
May 2016 Professor Andy Resnick Video
April 2016 Professor Samantha Baskind Video
March 2016 Professor Orhan Talu Video
February 2016 Professor Nigamanth Sridhar Video
January 2016 Professor Girish Shukla Video
December 2015 Professor Chris Mallett Video
November 2015 Professor Norbert Delatte Video
October 2015 Professor Milena Sterio Video
September 2015 Professor Debbie Jackson Video
August 2015 Professor Nolan Holland Video
July 2015 Professor Wendy Regoeczi Video
June 2015 Professor Joan Thoman Video
May 2015 Professor Jacqueline Jenkins Video
April 2015 Professor Mark Sundahl Video
March 2015 Professor Sreedhar Madhavaram Video
February 2015 Professor Jeff Karem Video
January 2015 Professor Joanne Goodell Video
December 2014 Professor Bill Bowen Video
October 2014 Professor Justin Perry Video
September 2014 Professor Brian Ray Video
August 2014 Professor Ray Henry Video
July 2014 Professor Katherine Judge Video
June 2014 Professor Roman Kondratov Video
May 2014 Professor Karla Hamlen Video
April 2014 Professor Peter Bubenik Video
March 2014 Professor Ben Clark Video
February 2014 Professor Rachel Carnell Video
January 2014 Professor Mark Souther Video
December 2013 Professors Dan Simon, Ton van den Bogert and Hanz Richter Video
November 2013 Professor Bibo Li Video