Day of Orientation: Advising

Academic advising at Cleveland State University is designed to provide you with on-going support and assistance for as long as you are a student, up until the time that you graduate. Each college of the University (i.e. the College of Business, the College of Science and Health Professions, etc.) has their own staff of academic advisors to assist students. Your college of enrollment is determined by your intended academic major. Your major is your academic area of focus (i.e. accounting, biology, psychology, etc.). If you are undecided about your major, and indicated this on your application, you will be advised and assisted by the Exploratory Advising Office.

Following your orientation advising and registration session, it is strongly encouraged that you develop and maintain an on-going relationship with your academic advisor to ensure that you receive all of the support and assistance you need to achieve your academic goals and maintain progress towards receiving your degree from Cleveland State University.
If you decide to change your major prior to Orientation, please be sure to contact the Orientation staff.

Orientation Advising and Class Registration

During the orientation program, you will be advised one-on-one with by an advisor from your college of enrollment, your program (Athletic, Honors, or Scholars Programs) or the Exploratory Advising Office. During your advising session, your advisor will provide you with information concerning all of the various options for your classes, and will help you select the courses that are best for you. You will leave the orientation advising session with your class schedule in hand!

Music Major Students

If you are a music major, or interested in possibly majoring in music:

  1. You must meet with the Music Department to be admitted to Cleveland State as a music major
  2. You must schedule an audition appointment with the Music Department prior to attending orientation in order to schedule and register for your music courses