After Orientation: Class Locations and Schedules

Please check your schedule a few days before the start of every semester to confirm the locations and times of your classes. To check your class schedule:

  • Log on to CampusNet with your 7-digit CSU ID and password
  • All academic related information will be contained under the Student Tab
  • Click on the “Schedule” link and choose the upcoming semester
  • The list of classes you are signed up to take will be displayed
  • To print a copy of your schedule click the “print” link at the top of the page
  • A grid view is available when you click the “view grid” link

Your class schedule will list your class locations. These locations are typically abbreviated (i.e. BH stands for Berkman Hall). For a listing of all of the buildings on campus, please view the campus map. Once inside the buildings, the floors are typically numbered by 100’s (i.e. 100 stands for first floor). If you have a class located in BH 202, that would mean your class is on the second floor of the Berkman Hall.