After Orientation: Dining on Campus

Dining on campus has been made easy by our friendly Dining Services Department. Whether living on campus or commuting, you should consider purchasing a meal plan that will fit your schedule and eating habits. Our Standing Reservation Meal Plan options are a great way to simplify your life and save money. When you purchase a meal plan, you will receive a certain amount of "meals" and dining dollars. "Meals" are exactly what they sound like; they are a set of food items presented at a discounted price to you. "Dining Dollars" turn your Viking ID Card into a debit card that can be used at different dining locations throughout campus.

Cleveland State provides multiple dining locations on campus. A list of dining options can be obtained by visiting the Dining Services website. The Student Center, features several dining options including the Viking Marketplace for all you care to eat buffet with home cooked meals.

Visit the Dining Services website for campus dining essentials including: purchasing meal plans, finding dining locations, reviewing daily menus, nutrition journals, and much more. Please call Dining Services at 216.687.5001 for more information.