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Antonie van den Bogert, Ph.D., Grad Chris Schroeck Named on U.S. Patent

February 2023 Research NewsletterAntonie van den Bogert, Ph.D., Grad Chris Schroeck Named on US Patent

On February 7, 2023, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 11,571,146, titled Rotation Monitoring System and Method, that names Dr. Antonie van den Bogert, a professor and the Parker Hannifin Endowed Chair in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and CSU graduate Christopher Schroeck as inventors.

The patent, nearly five years in the making, was directed to a system attached to a limb that can identify ranges of motion associated with injuries or poor performance. The sleeve helps coaches, athletes, and strength trainers who want to improve performance and reduce injury by taking an in-the-field performance baseline for comparison via a mobile app.

Schroeck originally pitched the idea at Startup Vikes, a student entrepreneurship program at CSU driven by the Monte Ahuja College of Business' Weston Ideation Lab

Schroeck and his team ReCap won the competition with the project -- originally leggings -- which then evolved into the arm sleeve that gained the patent. Dr. van den Bogert was instrumental in encouraging Schroeck to participate in the event with the idea; those close to the project say that the duo have been very much "tied at the hip" throughout the process.

See more of Dr. van den Bogert’s work here. CSU faculty and staff can contact Jack Kraszewski for assistance with a disclosure to begin the process of protecting your invention or intellectual property. Students interested in StartUp Vikes should visit their website. 

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