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Service Awards 2022

Service Awards 2022On April 26, Cleveland State University celebrated it's Service Awards with an honors luncheon in the Student Center Glasscock Family Foundation Ballroom. CSU recognized faculty and staff across eight colleges and schools and nine departments for their years of service to the university in increments of five years, beginning with their tenth year.  

“We are here today to recognize and celebrate 143 staff members who have dedicated in 2,713 years of service to the university,” said Jeanell N. Hughes, vice president of human resources and the chief human resources officer at CSU. “We honor your dedication and expertise here together.”

Each colleg25+ honorees entering on red carpete dean and vice president from their respective divisions gave employees their plaques, who were then photographed to commemorate the occasion. Honorees with milestones of 25 years and above also enjoyed a private reception beforehand, followed by a red carpet processional to their seats for the luncheon.

“It is an honor to work here with you and to call you all colleagues,” remarked David Jewell, senior vice president of business affairs and chief financial officer. Jewell recalled faculty and staff who helped him along his own college journey, recognizing that sometimes “those successes are quiet while others are loud” for faculty and staff.

He added that it was an honor to work alongside those awarded.

“We do change lives,” Jewell said. “We do impact those lives, and that’s what’s important.”

Distinguished faculty and staff who have made a significant impact to the university were recognized, including Dr. Valentin Gogonea, Dr. Christopher Mallett, Dr. Chansu Yu, Dr. Robin Chilton, Heidi Robertson, Karin Mike, Amanda Zacur, Zachary Shanes, Shelly Woods, Mary Brown, Keisha Wilkins and Heike Heinrich.

40 and 45 year honoreesHonorees for their years of service included Richard Flaherty from University Police, Associate Professor of Accounting Dr. Etzum Rosen and Dr. Yung-Tse Hung, an engineering professor, who has each been at CSU for over 40 years; law professor Dr. David Forte who is celebrating 45 years of service; and Professor Sandra Kerber from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law celebrating 50 years of dedication.

A video acknowledging these 40-plus-year honorees (below) was screened prior to their awards.

More details about the Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards can be found in the event program

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Use this link to view Photos from the event.