Human Resources

Department of Human Resources

Today a jobseeker. Tomorrow a Viking.

Cleveland State University (CSU) is committed to progress and innovation. By sharing knowledge, research and resources, we strive to make a positive and meaningful difference on-campus and in the world. That means we need innovative and energetic staff and faculty from diverse backgrounds with diverse skillsets to keep us moving forward.

As an employer, CSU is committed to providing staff and faculty a place to build a career and create a future of unlimited potential.

In addition to competitive salaries and outstanding benefits packages, CSU offers:

  • Tuition reimbursement for personal and professional growth
  • Health care options from multiple providers that work for you
  • Cultural diversity and inclusiveness
  • A Mission that means something
  • Real engagement  on-campus, in the community and beyond


Department of Human Resources Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to be an integral part of Cleveland State University and the Campus Community by:

  • Partnering with our clients and stakeholders to identify their needs
  • Developing and retaining a diverse, talented, and engaged workforce
  • Developing and delivering innovative programs and services designed to meet their strategic goals and need

CSU is tobacco free