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Recording Handwritten Content Sometimes the best way to show students what you’re talking about is to write it out. But illustrating complex concepts, equations and diagrams, or making annotations, with a keyboard and mouse alone can prove quite difficult. The Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning continually reviews hardware and software tools that allow instructors to record and share their natural, handwritten content. This session will showcase several options available to CSU faculty. Chris Rennison & John Hubbard, CITDL Recording
Teaching with Zoom: Tools & Tips Zoom is a videoconferencing tool that allows CSU faculty, staff, and students to connect with each other "anywhere and on any device" via mobile and desktop. Whether using it for remote or in-class instruction, Zoom provides several easy to use teaching tools designed to facilitate synchronous distance education. This session wil demonstrate the features and functions necessary to create, deliver, and facilitate a virtual classroom in Zoom. Topics will include: scheduling a meeting, inviting participants, sharing various content, facilitating group work, obtaining feedback, and sharing recordings. Chris Rennison & John Hubbard, CITDL Recording
Podcasting as an Assignment A podcasting assignment is a great way to have students engage a topic or issue beyond text. Coinciding with or replacing short essays, reflections or research papers, the conversational, journalistic style that many podcasts use require students to rethink the way they would present a topic or issue. Podcasting has grown steadily at CSU over the past three years and introducing it as an assignment in your class may be easier than you think. Hosted by a panel of professors as well as staff from the Center for Instructional Technology and Distance Learning and Michael Schwartz Library, this session will cover: Different ways podcasting has been used as a student assignment at CSU; A variety of free podcasting resources for faculty and students; A preview of multiple podcasting studios on CSU’s campus that will be open for student (and faculty) use in the Fall of 2021. Chris Rennison & John Hubbard, CITDL Recording
Maximizing Your Use of Zoom Breakout Rooms and Polling Zoom provides several tools designed to enhance remote teaching. Among them, Breakout Rooms and Polling are two frequently used means for better engaging students. This session will cover techniques for maximizing the use of both. Please join Mark Hackett, John Hubbard and Chris Rennison from the Center for Instructional Technology & Distance Learning as they demonstrate how to: pre-assign students to Breakout Rooms, create individual Breakout Room recordings, and permit students to self-select the Breakout Room to which they will go. Also demonstrated will be: the creation of polls, choosing whether or not polls can be taken anonymously and generating reports from previously taken polls. Chris Rennison, Mark Hackett & John Hubbard, CITDL Recording
Using OneNote to Build a Community in Your Remote Classroom This presentation will focus on the use of the Microsoft Teams platform to create a engaged learning community for remote (or hybrid) courses. This will include its value as a small group collaboration system, its assignment submission process, and the more natural and friendly method of text-based engagement. Shawn Ryan, Mathematics & Statistics Recording
Creating an Engaged Learning Community with Microsoft Teams This presentation will focus on the use of the Microsoft Teams platform to create a engaged learning community for remote (or hybrid) courses. This will include its value as a small group collaboration system, its assignment submission process, and the more natural and friendly method of text-based engagement. Marcus Schultz-Bergin, Philosophy & Comparative Religion Recording
eLearning Tools, Techniques and More This webinar will provide e-learning tools and techniques you can use in your online, remote, blended or face-to-face courses to create and support an engaging and active student learning. After this webinar, you will learn to how to develop formative assessment strategies and engaging course content to encourage and reinforce student learning. Small tips for an engaging and active teaching and learning will be included. Selma Koc, Curriculum & Foundations Recording
Cameras Optional: Faculty Panel Discussion
Join us for a panel discussion on how to engage students who cannot, or choose not to, turn on their cameras during synchronous class meetings. Faculty will share their methods to show how these students can still be engaged members of class discussions. Caryn Lanzo, Center for eLearning & Joanne Goodell, Center for Faculty Excellence Recording
Design Your Own Digital Escape Room Looking for a new and innovative way to engage your students? Digital escape rooms integrate gameplay and problem solving into any unit. These are fun and interactive activities that challenge students to look for clues and analyze ciphers based on course content in order to “escape.” In this webinar you will learn how to design your own digital escape room which involves creating web activities, crafting a digital scene with hyperlinks, and assembling a website to organize the activities. A Google account is recommended.

Erin Avram, Chemistry

Academic Integrity This workshop explores best practices and tools that can be used in an online environment to encourage academic integrity Caryn Lanzo & Glenn Curtis, eLearning



Digital CSU Lightning Round: Digital Pedagogy, Research & Content Creation In this session, several presenters from varied disciplines showcase their work in the areas of digital pedagogy, research or content creation. Each topic is presented in three slides within three minutes. Hosted by Chris Rennison, CITDL Recording
Ally for Blackboard Ally is a product that promotes accessible content. Because it is integrated with Blackboard, it provides students with more accessible original content by offering alternative formats. It also provides faculty with feedback on how to improve original documents to make them more accessible. Heather Caprette & Caryn Lanzo, eLearning




Panopto Introduction An overview of the Panopto software and how to access it from within Blackboard. Glenn Curtis (eLearning) & John Hubbard (CITDL) Link
Lecture Capture Tools Webinar with Panopto representatives from 12/5/2019, introducing Panopto to CSU. Mark Lagemann, Panopto Recording
Flipped Learning and the Lightboard Using the Lightboard to facilitate a flipped classroom. Chris Rennison (CITDL) & Bill Kosteas (Economics) Video
Advanced Panopto This workshop will cover editing Panopto recordings, analytics tools, and student/ viewer-centric features in the Panopto player. Time-permitting, we will talk about additional features like mobile apps and using Panopto as a content hosting platform. John Hubbard (CITDL)

Panopto Video Editor

Statistics & Analytics

Zoom Webinars A variety of Zoom- and CSU-hosted webinars on accessing and teaching with Zoom.  Multiple Link