Athletic Academic Advising

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Athletic Advising

Once you have been admitted to the University and placed on the team's active roster, your academic record is "flagged" and all subsequent academic advising will be conducted by Athletic Academic Advisors, located on the third floor of the Physical Education Building. Once you have declared a major field of study, your primary advisor will be your departmental or major advisor. However, due to NCAA guidelines affecting satisfactory progress, all registration must be checked and processed by Athletic Academic Advising Offices.

Student-athletes have a limited amount of free time, due to practice, travel, competition, class attendance, homework and study hall requirements. Pre-registration appointments increase each student-athlete's chances of getting into specific classes at specific times before they close. Due to NCAA regulations regarding satisfactory progress towards degree, student-athletes must have the opportunity to enroll in those time blocks that will be less affected by travel and competition.

Course Monitoring
Course Monitoring forms are sent to instructors twice a semester requesting information on the student-athlete's academic performance and progress. Based on these evaluations, the Athletic Academic Advising Office may make recommendations for improvement through tutorial assistance, increased study hours, time management and study techniques. All Head Coaches receive a copy of each report.

Study Hall
All freshman and continuing student-athletes below a 2.25 grade-point average are required to attend four hours per week in supervised study hall or individual tutorial sessions. Study Hall is located adjacent to Athletic Academic Advising Offices in the Physical Education Building, room 301 and the Peter Lewis Complex in the Wolstein Center, first floor.

Computer Access
There are numerous computer centers throughout campus. Many have internet access. All students are issued a CSU e-mail account, and CSU ID that can be utilized throughout the university computer system. Nine PC workstations are located in Study Hall, PE 301. In addition, CSU has a Mobile Campus program whereby students can check out laptop or tablet computers for on-campus use. The Mobile Campus Center is currently located in Berkman Hall 118 (Student Services Plaza).

Personal Counseling
Athletic Academic Advising serves as a private, confidential forum for the student-athlete with personal or social adaptation difficulty. In many cases the mere expression of feelings about personal or social problems can result in the resolution of those problems, and in many cases the academic performance of the individual is enhanced with the resolution of those problems.

The Compliance Office for Athletics serves as a resource and solution center for NCAA regulations and compliance issues for all individuals associated with Cleveland State University Athletics. The Compliance Office for Athletics administers and monitors the accurate and timely completion of NCAA required procedures and to assists in maintaining institutional control regarding NCAA, Horizon League, Eastern Wrestling League and University rules.