Prospect Parking Garage

The Prospect Garage has four levels with 292 parking spaces. The structure is located adjacent to the Euclid Commons residence hall and behind the Parking Hannifin Administration Center and Parker Hannifin Hall. Vehicle access to the parking structure is off Prospect Avenue just west of the East 24th Street intersection. Parking in the Prospect Garage is limited to PG hangtag holders (both resident student and faculty/staff) and campus visitors to Euclid Commons, Parker Hannifin Hall and the Administration Center.

PG, like the South Garage (SG), is automated and has no parking attendant on site. A swipe of an activated Viking Card provides access to the facility for PG hangtag holder parking. Visitors take a ticket from the ticket machine at the PG entrance and pay at the machine at the facility exit.

The facility has business hours of 5 AM to midnight 7 days per week. Overnight parking for resident students with PG passes, faculty and staff members with PG passes, and visitors registered with Parking & Transportation Services is permitted. Any parker in the PG may exit the facility at any time by valid swipe of their active Viking Card (PG Hangtag holders only) or paying the exit pay station.

LED signs posted at the lot entrance indicate the status of the parking facility:

  • OPEN means the facility is available for PG hangtag holders and visitor parkers.
  • CLOSED means the facility is not open for business operations and only parkers with special afterhours access to the facility may enter the garage (special windshield decal is required),
  • FULL means the facility is at capacity and no additional visitor parkers are permitted to park.

Each lane of traffic and device has an intercom built into it that allows for immediate contact for assistance.

PG Hangtag Access with Viking Card

To enter the facility, an active Viking Card is required. PG hangtag holders are required to swipe their card (mag stripe up and in) at the card reader located at the PG drive entrance. Once swiped, the parker may enter the raised gate and proceed to park in the facility. To exit the facility, PG passholders must swipe their Viking Card at the card swipe located in the exit lane of the parking facility.

Visitor Parking Operations

Approximately 50 spaces in the facility are allocated for visitor parking. Once the equipment has counted 50 visitor vehicles in the facility, the system change the status of the garage to full and not allow any additional visitor parkers into the structure. Since the system is automated, reserved parking for visitors cannot be accommodated and visitor parking is on a first come first serve basis.

$2 for first hour - $1 per hour after. Max $10 per day.

Visitors enter the facility by pressing the green button on the ticket spitter located at the lot entrance to issue a parking ticket. The parker takes the parking ticket and proceeds through the raised gate into the facility to park.



When the visitor leaves the facility, the parker drives up to the Pay in Lane machine located in the facility exit. The visitor inserts their ticket into the device. The machine calculates the parking rate and displays the amount owed on the front of the machine. Payment can be made with cash (up to $20 bill accepted), credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover), or bank debit card. Change dispensed for cash payments is made in $1 coin only. Departments can validate guest parking at the PG with a special merchant validator device. The parking fees for validated visitor parking are charged to the department’s account on a monthly basis. Pre validated voucher tickets are also available for guest parking. Please contact Parking & Transportation Services for details


Other Information

The EC Service Drive located between the Administration Center and Euclid Commons (EC) is for service vehicles only. A special access code is required to enter the service drive. The drive is one way, southbound only. Service vehicles may enter from Euclid Avenue but must exit onto Prospect Avenue. No vehicle parking is permitted in the EC service drive or the PG drive.

For further information about the CSU Prospect Garage, contact Parking & Transportation Services at 216-687-2023.