Reduced Teaching Research Facilitation Program - Guidelines


The Office of Research is pleased to offer the Reduced Teaching Research Facilitation (RTRF) Program to provide eligible full-time faculty members with time to write proposals to external funding agencies. Faculty may be able to request up to 8 credit hours of teaching reduction per academic year to support the writing of new proposals or significant revisions of previously submitted proposals. Support will be considered for proposals in all academic fields. Specific details of the final implementation of this program, including deadlines for application submission, the allowable amount of teaching reduction, and the timing of teaching reduction, are subject to decisions by College Deans. This program is intended to enhance indirect-generating external funding and increase the visibility of CSU as a research institution.

Eligibility and Terms

This program is available to full-time faculty members who have received at least $100,000 during the past three years (cumulative) of full (48.5%) indirect-generating grants as the lead PI. By accepting this award, the faculty commits to submit at least one proposal during the fiscal year in which they utilize the RTRF award. Credit release will be considered only if the proposal(s) will meet the following requirements.

  1. Each external proposal must include full indirects.
  2. Cost share cannot be requested as part of the external proposal(s).

Faculty who have received awards totaling between $100,000 and $199,999 during the past three years can request up to 4 credit hours of teaching reduction. Faculty who have received awards totaling $200,000 or more during the past three years can request up to 8 credit hours. For each credit hour of course release requested, the faculty must commit to submit full indirect-generating proposals totaling at least $100,000. If the external proposal commitment is not satisfied, the faculty member will be required to accept an additional teaching load during the following academic year equivalent to the number of released credit hours. The Office of Research will provide funding to the appropriate College at a rate of $1,500 (including fringes) for each released credit hour.

Application Procedure

Please email the following documents to Joy Yard ( and Dan Simon ( in the Office of Research, indicating “RTRF Program” in the subject line.

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Description of the planned external proposal(s), maximum 400 words per proposal

If you have questions, please contact Dan Simon at or 687-5171.