MATLAB Installation Instructions

Follow the instructions below to install Matlab on a personal computer (home, school, laptop, or tablet). Please note that these instructions are only for people with a CSU email address.

I do not have admin rights (CSU computers)

To install MATLAB on a CSU computer if you do not have administrator rights:

  1. Call or email the Help Desk (x5050 or
  2. Give them your computer name.
  3. Request Matlab installation.

I have admin rights (any computer)

To install Matlab on any computer for which you do have administrator rights:

Step 1.  Set up your MathWorks Account
  1. Create a MathWorks account at using your CSU email address.
Step 2.  Download the Installer
  1. Go to the License Center at
  2. Click “Associate to License” in the upper-right-hand corner.
  3. When prompted, enter the Activation Key (note: CSU login required to view)
  4. Go to
  5. Click the download button in the middle of the page for the current release.
  6. Click the appropriate installer button to download the installer.
Step 3:  Install and Activate
  1. Locate the installer file that you downloaded above. The name of the file is:
    1. Windows: matlab_<release>_win64.exe
    2. Mac OS X: matlab_<release>
      where <release> represents the release number (currently R2016a).
  2. Windows: Double-click the installer file that you downloaded above.
    Mac OS X: Double-click the installer file that you downloaded above. This action extracts the files and creates another folder called matlab_<release>_maci64, where <release> represents the release number. Inside this folder, double-click InstallForMacOSX to start the installer.
  3. At the appropriate time in the installation process, select the option “Log in with a MathWorks Account” and follow the ensuing instructions.
  4. At the appropriate time, select the license that you want to use.
  5. Select the products you want to download and install (probably all of them).
  6. After downloading and installing your products, keep the “Activate MATLAB checkbox” selected and click “Next.”