Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) - Guidelines

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the Graduate Student Research Award (GSRA) Program. The goal of the GSRA Program is to invest in a diversified portfolio of doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis research that requires funding in excess of available academic program budgets.


Applicants must have a graduate GPA of at least 3.25, and must have completed at least 34 credits of graduate work if enrolled in a doctoral program or at least 9 credits of graduate work if enrolled in a master’s program. A student can receive no more than one GSRA as a master’s student and no more than one GSRA as a doctoral student.

Award Terms and Conditions

The award period is 12 months and begins on May 15 following award notification. In addition to the general award terms and conditions, acceptance of a GSRA signifies the intent of the student to complete his or her graduate degree at Cleveland State University.

Reporting Requirements

See general reporting requirements

Allowable Expenditures

GSRA grants are limited to $4,000 for doctoral students and $2,500 for master’s students. Allowable expenditures include student salaries and fringes, consultant fees, equipment, travel to national meetings or conferences, supplies, and other direct costs. Up to 50% of the total budget may be allocated for student summer salary and fringes. The student’s college will monitor the account for adherence to University accounting policies and practices. Over-expenditures will be charged to the college.

Proposal Preparation Guidelines

Proposals should be written in language that can be understood by non-specialists. Proposals should be written with 12-point font on letter-sized paper with one-inch margins, should consist of a single PDF, and should include the following sections.

  • Cover Page: The cover page template is available here
  • Page 2: Objectives of the proposed research
  • Page 3: Background and significance of the proposed research
  • Page 4: Procedures and methods of the proposed research
  • Page 5: Anticipated results of the proposed research
  • Page 6: Budget description and justification
  • Page 7: Bibliographic references
  • Curriculum Vitae: Abbreviated CV of no more than two pages
  • Support Letter: A letter from the applicant’s research advisor that: (1) states the date (or anticipated date) of candidacy exam completion for doctoral students or degree completion for master’s students; (2) discusses the credentials of the applicant; (3) discusses the significance of the proposed research and its benefit to CSU; and (4) discusses the likelihood of the successful completion of the proposed research.


See general guidelines

Address questions to Joy Yard, 687-9364,, or Roman Kondratov, 687-5171,

Click here for a PDF of the evaluation form.