Grant Tuition Program

The Office of Research is pleased to offer the Grant Tuition Program (GTP) to further the CSU 2.0 priorities of distinguishing CSU as a leading public urban research university and of increasing CSU’s research activity. The purpose of the program is to encourage faculty to hire CSU graduate students as research assistants to enhance indirect-generating, externally-funded research programs.

Eligibility & Terms

This program is available to faculty members who receive externally-funded research grants (i.e., funded by federal, state, or private grantors). The GTP will pay for up to 9 credit hours per semester of tuition support (in-state or out-of-state depending on the student’s residential status) for a student if that student's stipend is paid for by the same grant.

All of the following conditions must be met to be eligible for GTP:

  • The award amount must include at least $50,000 or more of direct costs per student for each year that GTP support is provided.
  • The award must charge CSU's full federal indirect rate (currently 48.5%).
  • The award must pay for a full graduate student stipend (20 hours per week). The stipend amount must adhere to College of Graduate Studies guidelines.
  • GTP will provide support for new and existing/active grants, but will not reimburse tuition retroactively.
  • Continued GTP support is dependent on sufficient funds availability from the Provost's Office.

Application Procedure

Please email GTP requests to Joy Yard ( and Roman Kondratov ( in the Office of Research, indicating "GTP" in the subject line. The request should indicate all of the following: PI name, funding program and funding agency, proposed budget, performance period, number of students supported, and number of years of GTP support requested.

If you have questions, please contact Roman Kondratov at or 216-687-5171.