Faculty Scholarship Initiative (FSI) Guidelines

The Office of Research is pleased to announce the Faculty Scholarship Initiative (FSI) Program. The goal of the FSI Program is to invest in a diversified portfolio of graduate faculty scholarship, creative activity, and research in fields that are disadvantaged in terms of external funding.


See general eligibility guidelines

Award Terms and Conditions

The award period is 12 months and begins on May 15 following award notification. All unexpended grant funds at the end of the award period will revert to the Office of Research. No extension will be granted beyond the end of the 12 month award period. See the general award terms and conditions for additional requirements.

Reporting Requirements

See general reporting requirements

Allowable Expenditures

See general guidelines for allowable expenditures

Proposal Preparation Guidelines

Proposals should be written in language that can be understood by non-specialists. Proposals should be written with 12-point font on letter-sized paper with one-inch margins, should consist of a single PDF, and should include the following sections.

  • Cover Page: The cover page template is available here.
  • Page 2: Write one page that summarizes your proposed project and explains its significance and originality: what will be done, when it will be done, why it will be done, and how it will be done.
  • Page 3: Write one page that outlines your qualifications for the proposed project and that demonstrates that you have the skills and resources, or have access to the skills and resources, to complete all aspects of the project.
  • Page 4: Write one page that itemizes, describes, and justifies your budget. FSI grants are limited to a maximum of $7,500.
  • Page 5: Write one page that discusses the alignment of your proposed project with CSU’s mission, vision, and values. Also include on this page your dissemination strategy, such as book publishers, conference or journal articles, performances or exhibitions, or others: where, when, why, and how the results will be disseminated.
  • Page 6: Provide one page of bibliographic references, if needed.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Include an abbreviated CV (maximum two pages) for each project participant which includes the most significant achievements of the last five years.


See general guidelines for timeline

Address questions to Joy Yard, 687-9364,, or Roman Kondratov, 687-5171,

Click here for a PDF of the evaluation form.