Office of the University Registrar

Process for Advisors

Initial receipt of transcript (TCEs):

  • TCE staff receive transcript(s) for a student whom has an earned Bachelor’s degree.
  • TCE staff award the student two blocks of credit in the form of 60 lower division credits (CSU 1XX) and 30 upper division credits (CSU 3XX).  This will give each post-bacc student a total of 90 credits, giving them senior status. 
  • TCE staff notifies advisor (listed in Starfish) that a post-bacc student is awaiting review.

Transcript review and submission of form (Advisor):

  • When the advisor receives notice of a post-bach student awaiting review they will need to use the Transfer Credit Evaluation – Post-Baccalaureate Students form.
  • Advisor will list any class(es) the student needs to be applied to their TCE for prerequisite purposes or that the student needs to fulfil a requirement for their new program of study.
    • If a student has attended multiple institutions one form can be used to list courses from all institutions attended. 
    • If a faculty advisor is awarding credit for a student, they can include information on an appropriate CSU equivalency in the comments section.
      • Please note faculty can only award new equivalencies on behalf of their own department.
    • If more classes need to be applied to a student’s account after the form is already sent, fill out and submit another form. 

Transfer credit processing (TCEs):

  • TCE staff receive the electronic form and apply all courses that are listed on the form to the student record. 
  • TCE staff member then adjusts the 60 lower division credit block and 30 upper division credit block appropriately.
    • For example: If the advisor was asking for 10 lower division credits and 5 upper division credits to be applied to the student record, the block credit totals would be reduced accordingly.
  • The e-form is retained in OnBase as a part of the student record.