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To the University Community

To the University Community:

We pride ourselves at CSU for investigating incidents on campus quickly with respect and kindness; in recent days, we became aware of a situation where we failed to act quickly or transparently in support of our students. In this instance, we let our students down, and for this we apologize. Our commitment as of today is to take all necessary steps to improve our processes to ensure our students are heard, that we listen, and that we respond more quickly to their concerns.

Moving forward, we will take the following immediate steps:

We will thoroughly and impartially investigate the interaction between three student groups in Parker-Hannifin Hall on February 21, 2020, with a report and recommendations to be issued two weeks from today.

We will fully evaluate our student complaint processes relating to student conduct and institutional equity concerns, and publish a standard, easy to follow reporting protocol for faculty, staff and students.

Assure that all university employees review the student code of conduct and understand how to best help students when they are in need.

Ensure we fully encourage and support our employees who stand up on behalf of our students.

Work with the CSU Police Department on how to best respond to campus-wide complaints.

Aggressively confront any instances of systemic patterns of racism brought to the attention of CSU administration.

Better integrate student voices with various senior leadership and campus-wide groups that are working to ensure a safe, inclusive, bias-free environment.

We will make a final set of recommendations to the president by November 15, 2020.

Jonathan Wehner

Ronnie A. Dunn, Ph.D.