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A Quarter Century of MUST at CSU

Cleveland State University recently marked 25 years of preparing future educators with a commitment to teaching in urban schools. 

Educators from across the Cleveland State community and beyond spoke during the 25th anniversary celebration of Master of Urban Secondary Teaching Residency Program (MUST), a 14-month accelerated program that includes a nine-month school-based residency. 

Andratesha Fritzgerald, an international speaker and founder of the Building Blocks of Brilliance Education Consulting Firm, was named the keynote speaker for the festivities. The Cleveland State and MUST alumna spent 20 years with the East Cleveland City School District, where she built her way up to the director of Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation and director of Human Resources. 

“When we talk about activating student voice, if there’s no place for the voice to be heard or treasured by those in authority, do we really hear those voices?” Fritzgerald said. “In the MUST program, I found that my voice was treasured. I was always invited to the conversations.” 

Fritzgerald said community is the cornerstone of what she experienced during her time with the MUST program and the value that she tries to take into every educational space. 

“There was space for each one of us to bring our expertise, but also to bring the things that we weren’t quite sure about and discuss those, have thought partners and really dig into deep and diverse issues without fear while keeping a sense of urgency,” she said. 

The MUST program’s commitment to preparing the future generation of educators in mathematics, science, social studies, English and world languages helps students get the knowledge and experience they need to combat a shortage of secondary teachers and impact the Cleveland community and beyond. The affordable program requires a bachelor’s degree in English, history, science, mathematics or a related field for admission. 

MUST also boasts a 93% job placement rate for its interns. It sports partnerships are with Saint Martin de Porres High School, Euclid City High Schools and with The Brilliance School based in Garfield Heights.  

“We do a great deal of partnership so that teachers and students have a great understanding of how they can be inter-related and work together,” said Marketa Fuller-President, the coordinator for the MUST Program. “Students learn of opportunities during what would be a nine-month interview process.  

The program was recognized by Ohio Rep. Shontel Brown and received a proclamation from Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, Fuller-President added. Its recognition, along with the several awards that were introduced during the recent ceremony, were fantastic opportunities to reward MUST’s students and ensure they understood the importance behind their work. 

Fuller-President, who won a CSU Young Alumni Council Golden Apple Award in 2022, said she strives to continue to have an impact on learning spaces while improving the delivery of MUST’s services and the personal practices and education of those who wish to pursue a career in education. 

“I look forward to when we can’t stop the number of people who want to become teachers,” she said. “I don’t think people understand how much joy there is in [teaching] if we’re able to collaborate and really affect change for students.” 

“As much as possible, I want to be a part of reinvigorating the education landscape and making teaching the profession to go into, and I want to have fun as I do it.” 

To learn more about CSU’s MUST program, click here.