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CSU’s Jared Allyn Selected to Participate in Prestigious Worldwide Fellowship

CSU’s Jared Allyn Selected to Participate in Prestigious Worldwide Fellowship
Cleveland State University junior linguistics major Jared Allyn was recently accepted into the Public Policy and International Affairs Program Junior Summer Institute (PPIA) and was only one of 149 fellows selected in a pool of 1,300 applicants covering 94 universities, 33 states and 21 countries.

Taking place June 9 - July 28 at the University of Michigan, the PPIA Junior Summer Institute is a free, six-week rigorous summer program that prepares students for advanced schooling and careers in public service in both domestic and global affairs. Fellows were selected based on merit and their previous, current and stated dedication to public service. They will receive a stipend to assist with summer travel, food and other expenses to facilitate their participation in the Junior Summer Institute.

“I am super grateful and excited for this opportunity,” said Allyn upon receiving word that he had been selected to participate. “The program is fairly competitive, and I didn’t have much hope when I applied, but when I got the acceptance e-mail, I broke down crying from joy!”

Allyn’s journey towards participation in the fellowship started long before his acceptance date. After completing his undergraduate studies, he intended to pursue a master’s degree in international affairs and policy, with the ultimate goal of serving as a Diplomat with the U.S. State Department.

“Graduate school can be costly, and as a first-generation low-income student, navigating the complexities of graduate applications seemed daunting,” said Allyn.

That’s when he had to pivot and came across the PPIA program. Allyn said what appealed to him was that it was not only designed for college juniors but also offered intensive summer study complete with GRE test prep. It also allows the opportunity to work with top academics and government officials in their field while providing guaranteed and generous graduate school funding upon completion.

“I was also interested because of the programs' closely bonded alumni community, many of whom go on to serve in top leadership positions in their careers,” said Allyn.

An intense and lengthy application process followed, complete with multiple personal statements, transcripts, a resume, and letters of recommendation. The process is intended to mimic that of the graduate school application and is strategically designed to help students gain confidence once they do, in fact, apply to graduate school.

After learning he had been accepted, Allyn quickly focused on what he could gain from the program, which he could apply to his future endeavors as he continued his education.

“The program offers invaluable academic and networking opportunities and fantastic financial opportunities,” he said. “With the goal of increasing diversity for underrepresented and low-income students in the policy and international affairs fields, the fellowship offers generous financial aid.”

Upon completion of the program, Allyn will be on the receiving end of a stipend, with guaranteed graduate school funding and application fee waivers at all of the program’s host sites, which include, but aren’t limited to, the University of Michigan, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton, UC Berkeley, the University of Washington, and the University of Minnesota. The scholarships and fee waivers also apply to the programs of roughly 60 partner universities across the U.S.

“This program provides me with the opportunity to successfully apply to great graduate schools, secure funding, and excel in my graduate studies and eventual career without being weighed down by student debt,” said Allyn. Being awarded this fellowship is truly one of the most profound things that has happened in my life. In the future, I hope to be able to give back to the program one day and pass on this gift to the next generations of students.”

Following the fellowship and as Allyn continues towards his degree, he is confident that he will take many of the lessons learned throughout the summer and apply them to what appears to be a bright future ahead.

“I’m really excited about the graduate-level economics and statistics courses offered [as] most of my undergraduate studies are focused on literature, history, and foreign languages, so I’ll gain some much-needed quantitative skills,” he said. Also, the chance to make close connections within higher education and the government will be key in my future studies and career.”

He added:

“I hope fellow CSU students interested in Public Policy and International Affairs apply. The application process is a great experience; you never know what could happen! I aim to represent Cleveland State University well in this program.”