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Triple Play: Three New NSF Mathematics Research Grants

GalettoOctober 2022 Research NewsletterNovember 2019 Research Newsletter

CSU's Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the home of three new research grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Dr.  Federico Galetto (pictured at left), Dr. Alexander Hoover (center) and Dr. Hiram López,(right) have each been awarded new grants to support their research. All three are assistant professors in the department.

Dr. Galetto's research is in the areas of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Many interesting geometric objects, such as curves and surfaces in three-dimensional space, can be defined by means of polynomial equations. With the NSF award, he will utilize computer algorithms that he developed previously and apply them to describing the algebraic and geometric significance of some well-known systems of polynomial equations.

Dr. Hoover studies applied and computational mathematics, with a focus on mathematical biology, computational fluid dynamics, and biomechanics. Under the NSF award, he will combine modeling methodologies to examine the role of neuromechanical resonance and pacemaker processes in fluid pumping. This research is important for the development of tissue-engineered pumps and soft-bodied robotic actuators.

Dr. López focuses his work on two main areas: mathematics and computer science. With his new NSF funding, he will collaborate with Dr. Gretchen Matthews at Virginia Tech University, who received a separate NSF award. The two investigators will focus on designing codes and algorithms which recover erased data or correct errors using less information than traditional methods, building frameworks for use in practical settings, and employing them in quantum error correction.

The projects will also support NSF's goal of providing research and training opportunities to a diverse pool of students and postdoctoral researchers.

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