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EMDiS Smart Manufacturing Center Funding Renewed

CSU center focused on smart manufacturing talent and technology receives US Economic Development Administration Scale award totaling $3.6 million


Cleveland State University's Entrepreneurial Manufacturer Digitization Support (EMDiS) center has received $1.8 million in federal funding from the US Economic Development Administration's Build to Scale (B2S) program, augmented by partner matching funds totaling another $1.8 million, to continue its mission of Technology Based Economic Development (TBED) by assisting Ohio's small and medium sized manufacturing companies with implementing digital technologies to improve their efficiency, innovation, and profitability. Dr. Jerzy Sawicki, the Bently and Muszynska Endowed Chair and Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MCE), will continue to serve as the PI for the 3-year grant.

December 2023 Research NewsletterThe EMDiS center was established in 2020 through a B2S "Build" grant. During its initial three years of operation, project manager Matt Duplin led the center's engagements with the region's manufacturers to provide technology awareness and implementation, change management strategies, workforce training, and cybersecurity support.

The new "Scale" grant, titled "Expanding Ohio Manufacturing Digitization Securely at Scale (EMDiS2)." will build on those activities with the support of Manufacturing Works, MAGNET, and Lorain County Community College (LCCC). Manufacturing Works (MW) and MAGNET will focus on providing assessments and digital transformation plans for companies, and MW will further provide leadership training to support the change management needed for successful digital implementation. LCCC will provide workforce development support, particularly in the area of semiconductors and electronics through its MERIT program. Ohio Aerospace Institute will also provide cost share support and assistance with industry engagement.

The EDA support also provides a platform to create a new facility at CSU for industry-university collaboration and providing hands-on manufacturing experience for students in injection molding, precision machining, and data-driven manufacturing. If you are interested in collaborating with EMDiS and EMDiS partners, please contact Matt Duplin at