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Dr. Apostolos Kalatzis, Computer Science

December 2023 Research NewsletterDr. Apostolos Kalatzis is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science in CSU's Washkewich College of Engineering. His research focuses on human-artificial intelligence collaboration and the mechanisms to monitor cognitive workload in human-robot collaboration. He earned his Ph.D. at Montana State University, Bozeman where he specialized in Human-Robot interaction.

Dr. Kalatzis currently works on a research project that investigate the optimal robot speed with respect to human cognitive and emotional states. More specifically, he is working to determine the optimal speed for robots to operate alongside humans in various tasks. By understanding how humans cognitively and emotionally respond to different robot speeds, Dr. Kalatzis aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of human-robot collaborations. This research not only contributes to the field of Human-Robot Interaction but also has practical implications for the design and implementation of robots in real-world scenarios, ensuring an effective partnership between humans and robots.

Dr. Kalatzis is also expanding his research to explore the dynamics of trust between humans and artificial intelligence, with a specific emphasis on understanding how people perceive and establish trust in these interactions. This work will explore the complexities of human-robot relationships and ensure that artificial intelligence not only advances technological capabilities, but also considers the critical aspect of human perception and trust. In the longer term, he aspires to contribute valuable insights that will shape the development of robotic systems and envision a future where humans and robots can build a trusting relationship.