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If you are already an Authorized Access Requester on Asset EssentialsClick here for an Access Request example.

If you are not yet an Authorized Access Requester (AAR) in Asset Essentials, please keep reading!

  Beginning October 1st, Access Requests will be processed solely via Asset Essentials.

Asset Essentials (Dude Solutions) currently provides the campus community a singular location to place work and service requests for Facilities. Now, with extra permissions granted by the Access Control & Security Systems department, you may also place Access Requests for electronic card access and physical keys through Asset Essentials. AARs are also approved by the head of their respective department(s).

To place an Access Request, you must either email your request to your area/department's AAR, or become an Authorized Access Requester (AAR). This eliminates the need for entering SACC information for authorization. 

A PDF with instructions for gaining AAR status can be found on the AC&SS webpage under "Authorized Access Requesters" on the left hand side.


1.      Login to Asset Essentials . You will login with your [PLEASE NOTE, YOU MUST USE YOUR CSU ID NUMBER, NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS] and typical campusnet password. This will create your basic account and add you to the system. Continue to step 2.

2.      Email Access Control & Security Systems at to request AAR status and access to the Access Request site of Asset Essentials. Example: “Hello, I would like to become an Authorized Access Requester for {enter department(s) here}”. Be sure to include the department(s) you will be the AAR for, and copy the head of the department(s) on the email. (Yes, there may be multiple AARs in a department. Yes, the SACC can email with a list of individuals they’d like to have AAR status. Please reach out with any questions, or for clarification.)

3.      We will then add the “Access Requests” site to your profile privileges. You can reference the example at the top of this page to toggle your site in Asset Essentials and complete the request form. Please be as detailed as possible when requesting access. 



Please review the Frequently Asked Questions before continuing and please note that you will only be able to access the form when on-campus or through a CSU VPN Connection.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new service, feel free to contact Access Control & Security Systems at 216.687.5386 or email us at


Frequently Asked Questions
Will I still be able to submit paper access request forms?

Paper Access Request Forms are no longer accepted as of April 14th, 2017. All other request forms such as the Keybox Access Request Form or the Key Transfer Form  are unaffected by this change.

Where should I submit other requests, such as a Lock Change or a Keypad Battery Replacement?

You can submit other requests by contacting the FAST Coordination Center at 216.687.2500 or emailing You may also submit an Service Request through Asset Essentials.

Usually, I submit my access request through my department/contact. Will this change?

No. You may still submit access requests through your department or contact person. Your department or contact person will submit the request on your behalf online or process the request directly through their Keyscan Client. 

What should I do if I would like to revoke someone's access from an area?

You can send an email to with the removal request.

What is a SACC?

A SACC is a Single Access Control Coordinator. Every building has a designated SACC for making Facilities-related decisions. Each building may also have departmental designees or Authorized Access Requesters who are able to place access requests. If you are unsure who the appropriate party for your area is, please contact Access Control or your manager.