Access Control

Single Access Control Coordinator

A SACC is a Single Access Control Coordinator. Every building has a designated SACC for making access-related decisions. The SACC signs off on every ARF that deals with the respective building. Each building may also have departmental designees who are able to approve access requests of certain calibers. If you are unsure who the appropriate party for your area is, please contact Access Control or your manager. 

Building Code SACC Ext Designee Ext
Administration Center  AC  Stephanie McHenry  3673  Heidi Szeltner 3673
Admissions/Welcome Center EC01 Laquita Rouse-Germany 7243    
Adv. Manuf. Center Annex  AMCA Shehadeh Abdelkarim 6964    
Art Gallery AG Robert Thurmer 2329 Tim Knapp 2317
Art Department MB Marian Bleeke 2089 3673 Jessica McRitchie 2065
Business Building BU Karen Hammon 9724 Melinda Arnold 6952
Campus Safety Building CS Daman Vance 3821 Dan Ivan 5238
CIMP IM Carolyn Gilbert  9699    
Cole Center CE Dan Lenhart 5078 Ron Abate 8000
East Garage/Parking EG Christmas Mensah 4699    
Euclid Commons EC 2,3,4 Lynn Ellison 5196 James Banach 5527
Fenn Tower FT Lynn Ellison 5196 James Banach 5527
Fenn Hall FH Annette Karlsson 2576 Joanne Hundt  2558
Fenn Hall FH     George Chatzimavroudis 6899
Health Sciences HS Meredith Bond 5580 John Holcomb 9832
Julka Hall JH Sajit Zachariah 4625 Patty Sokolowski 7143
Law Building LB Michael Borden 7419 Jill Natran 2354
Law Library LL Michael Borden 7419 Lauren Collins 3547
Main Classroom MC Peter Meiksins 5568 Nancy Rapp 9732
Marketing (EC-4)   Rob Spademan 7284    
Mather Mansion MM Shehadeh Abdelkarim 6964    
Middough MB Jim Gross 5081


Music and Communications MU John Perrine  3959 Michael Solema 2032
Music and Communications MU Gary Pettey  4631 Rashelle Baker 6991
North Campus Development NC Shehadeh Abdelkarim 6964    
Parker Hannifin Hall PH/HH Tonita May 3625    
Physical Education PE Mike Lehto 4813    
Plant Services PS Shehadeh Abdelkarim 6964 Dan Ivan 5238
Plant Annex PA Shehadeh Abdelkarim 6964    
Recreation Center RC Nick Froelich 3253 Michelle Rieger 3258
Rhodes Tower RT Bill Wilson 4683    
Rhodes West RW Bill Wilson 4686    
Science & Research Bldg SI/SR John Holcomb 9832 Tony (LuToni) Carter 5580
Student Center SC Clare Rahm 3643 Kathleen Mooney 5540
Theater and Dance MB Lynn Deering 4883 Katherine Klotzbach 2113
Union Building UN Jim Gross 5081 Dan Ivan 5238
University Library UL Glenda Thornton 2475 Ken Heiss 2488
Urban Building UR Karen Decker 6889 Mary Smith 7267
Washkiewicz Hall WH Annette Karlsson 2576 Joanne Hundt 2558
Washkiewicz Hall WH     George Chatzimavroudis 6899
West Campus WC Rosemary Cutler 875-9600    
Wolstein Center WO Jennifer Kelly 5460 Michelle Schilling 5007

Updated as of March 19, 2018