Access Control


Fire Doors

Fire doors serve as barriers to restrict the spread of fire and smoke. Unless held open by automatic systems, fire doors shall be kept closed at all times and should never be propped open. Do not prop fire doors open with unapproved devices such as wedges or blocks. Care should be taken to not obstruct fire doors with equipment, furniture, etc.

Fire doors are located usually in stairwells, hallways or anywhere else required by fire code. Not all doors are considered fire doors. If a door has an EXIT sign above or near it, it is probably a fire door. If you notice fire doors propped open, please close them and immediately contact Access Control & Security Systems at 216.687.3842.

AC&SS facilitates monthly checks of buildings to ensure fire doors are closed.

Exit Signage

Exit signs are present to identify paths to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire. Exits are required to be lighted. Building occupants are advised to become familiar with the locations of exits in their respective buildings and buildings through which they routinely visit. If you notice exit signage not lit where it should be, please contact AC&SS at 216.687.3842

AC&SS facilitates monthly checks of buildings to be sure exits are appropriately marked, and lighted where applicable.

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a fire or when a building experiences a loss of power, activation of the buildings emergency lighting occurs. These lights are equipped with batteries as a backup power source.

If you notice emergency lighting not functioning, please contact AC&SS at 216.687.9306.

AC&SS facilitates monthly checks of buildings to ensure battery backups are operational.