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Laurie McCombs
Associate Director of Purchasing Operations
Contact for: General policy, capital and major projects, furniture and furnishings, selected computer and office equipment, software, and related equipment, mailing services and equipment, telecommunications equipment, utilities, long term contractual services, moving. Maintenance general supplies (i.e. electrical, plumbing, lumber, hardware etc.) And air conditioning and refrigeration, landscaping, carpeting/drapery, vehicles, and selected construction & renovations.


Michael Eames
Purchasing Agent
Contact for: Audiovisual and video supplies and equipment, photographic supplies, subscriptions and books, printing equipment and supplies, film rentals, school newspapers, publications, continuous forms and other printed matter, temporary personnel, hotel reservations, paper, athletic equipment and supplies, music equipment and supplies.Additionally, industrial chemicals, supplies and machinery, security, pharmaceuticals, lab equipment, glassware. As well as selected construction and renovations, janitorial supplies and equipment.