Voice Services

Voice Services


Telecommunications no longer has onsite office hours.  We are still here to assist with daily needs Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Moves, adds, and changes are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays with five business days' notice. 

In order for us to efficiently serve the CSU community during this time, we ask that you submit your requests and concerns through one of the following channels:

                -Calling our Help Desk at (216)- 687-5050

                -Online chat http://gethelp.csuohio.edu

                -Submitting an Incident at http://easy.csuohio.edu

Phone and Fax

Office Phones

The Cleveland State University telephone system primarily supports digital display telephones known as NEC DT330 Series for office use.  The telephone sets can be wall mounted if needed.  The system also supports analog lines for other types of non-NEC voice communications equipment (i.e. Polycom conference phones).  For a description of standard office telephones and services available (moves, adds and changes), please see the Telephone link on the left side.   Please contact the Telecommunications Office at 216-687-3881 or open a service ticket with http://easy.csuohio.edu.

Fax Services

Telecommunications Office will provide the analog line services to a fax location (Xerox machine), billable to the department.  Please call 216-687-3881 or open service ticket with http://easy.csuohio.edu to inquire about line installation.  To enable fax to email conversion, please open a service ticket for Xerox support.

Operator Services

Operator Services are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This area offers:

  • Operator Assistance
  • Faculty/Staff Directory

Cell Phone Services

When ordering department cell phone service from Telecommunications Office, service will be provided by AT&T through negotiated pricing for CSU.  When ordering through Telecommunications Office, you will be added to the account that we currently maintain.  You will not need to complete a separate purchase order as a journal entry will be completed to the departmental account number that you provide each month. Any changes that need to be made to the phone account or if the device is not working properly will be handled through the Telecommunications Office.  For additional information, please see the Cellular & Mobile Devices link on the left side.

Consulting Services

If you have any questions about specific features or customized features for your department, please contact the Telecommunications Office at 216-687-3881 to schedule a meeting.

Phishing on CSU cell phones and office phones

CSU-issued cell phones: If you receive messages or calls from 611 with prompts for you to enter personal information, do not respond. The phone is owned by the University and no personal information is tied to the phone service. No changes can be made by users; only the CSU Telecommunications Office is authorized to make changes to the account.

CSU office phones: If you receive calls from off-campus persons claiming that you have placed a call to them without your knowledge (i.e. your direct number is appearing as caller ID instead of 216-687-2000), your telephone number may have been “spoofed”.  Please alert Telecommunications if this becomes a recurring issue. We will work with you on an individual basis to address the situation.