Voice Services



Telecommunications Office provides for the communication needs of the University, both Campus Operator Service and System Administration-Business Office.

For telephone repair service, go to http://easy.csuohio.eduPlease provide all pertinent information:

  • Your full name, first and last
  • CSU ID number
  • Department where phone is located
  • The extension number that is having the problem
  • The location of the phone
  • Give a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing
  • Contact number to be reached

Telephone Ordering

Telecommunications Office can provide flexible solutions to your office needs. Moves, adds, and changes are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays with five business days' notice. All telephone change requests must be opened by the fiscal officer or designee for your area via the website http://easy.csuohio.edu.  Select Communications Service Order from the Service Catalog options. 

Please download and attach a Telephone Information Sheet to the Communications Service Order:

File Telephone Information Sheet.xlsx


Information to include in the the Communications Service Order:

  • Type of telephone needed
  • Any existing department numbers that need to be added to the new telephone set
  • Jack number, if available
  • If installing new jack, please give a location of where to install new jack
  • Type of service on line (campus only, local, long distance, international)
  • Indicate any new voice messaging service needed or if there should be change to existing service. See "Request Voice Messaging Service" for more information.
  • Name of the individual in department that will be using telephone
  • Directory updates that should be made as a result of the change
  • Account number to bill the charges to (one-time installation and monthly recurring)

For pricing information, please view  PDF icon Telecom-Pricing- July2023.pdf

Please call 216-687-3881 to discuss any questions you may have regarding your service.