Voice Services

Emergency Calling

Dialing 911

911 calls go to CSU Police dispatch.  The CSU phone system is set up to call dispatch when 911 is dialed from any campus phone. In addition to that, all display phones are programmed with a red "911".  

In an EMERGENCY, you can:

1.  Pick up your telephone.

2.  Press the 911 button. (The call will ring in the Police Dispatch Office.)

3.  Give the Dispatcher time to respond.

NOTE: When calling, please try to remain on the line to ensure that the Police has your location.

If you have a SPEAKERPHONE:

There is an audible way to use the 911 button without lifting the receiver off its cradle.

1.  Push the 911 button without picking up the telephone. (This puts the telephone in speaker mode; the dial tone and ringing with be audible.)

2.  The ringing will continue until Dispatcher responds.

Please give some forethought as to how you would react in an emergency. If one does occur, you will be able to handle the situation to your best advantage.

The technique you use to contact the CSU Police Dispatcher will be dictated by the type of emergency.

If you have never used the Police speed button or the speaker feature, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with their use now. If an emergency occurs you will be able to react assuredly to the situation.

Emergency Phone Locations

CSU has emergency phones in strategic locations throughout the campus.  They can be found on most street corners, parking facilities and building entrances.  They can be identified by the blue illuminated courtesy light, which will flash upon activation. All emergency calls are directed to CSU Police dispatch.

Emergency Phone Map http://www.csuohio.edu/sites/default/files/media/about_csu/documents/cam...

Phone Identifiers

Campus telephones are programmed with unique identifiers which helps CSU dispatch find a caller quickly.  For example RT-10-1010. The first part is the building, RT being Rhodes Tower in this example.  The middle position is the floor number, 10th floor in the example, and the last position being the room, Room 1010 in this case.