Veteran & Military Success Center - Viking Vets

New & Incoming Students

As a new and/or incoming student to CSU, we want you to know we are here to help you navigate. Whether you are a brand-new college student or just continuing to pursue your educational goals here, we wanted to make sure this process was as simple as possible and answer all your questions.

The first step is always to complete the Admissions Application 

*NOTE – be sure to select your military status on the application to have the application fee waived**

For more details about to make the best use of your military training and other education make sure to look at the rest of this section!

We see this time in our lives as a time for transition and growth and that means we are dedicated to helping you move yourself forward professionally and personally. Our Director likes to say, this transition is like driving your car; are you looking through the windshield or staring in the rearview mirrors? Both are important, but which one do we monitor most closely? Knowing where you have been can help you move forward but it can’t be the only thing going on.

There are plenty of resources in the community and at CSU to support you; between them and us, you aren’t alone.