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The Transfer Experience

We Put A Lot of Cleveland into Cleveland State!

Cleveland State University is located in the city campus district along the newly renovated Euclid Avenue corridor, which includes the world renowned theater district, and is home to the 2015-2016 World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2016 American League Champion Cleveland Indians.  

What is some advice you would give to future transfer students?

  • Stay informed! Gain experience! -Anonymous
  • Give yourself more than enough time to study and complete assignments! Life happens and you want to be prepared! - Anonymous
  • Look out for all resources on campus and look out for Tau Sigma! -Anonymous
  • When choosing classes for the 1st time-make sure ALL transcripts are in and make and appointment with advising. This makes everything SO much easier. -Anonymous
  • Stay focused you're halfway there. -Stephiana Rogers


What are your plans for after graduation?

  • After graduation I plan on finding a job in a non-profit organization or government agency an being more involved in community events. -Trim Demiri
  • Taking a gap year while working on my application for OT Graduate School. -Anonymous