The TECH Hub is a member of or connected to several influential local, regional and national collaboratives and networks. These affiliations enable us to provide exposure to new ideas, grant opportunities and platforms for interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research and learning.

IoT Collaborative

The IoT Collaborative (IOTC) is a higher education collaboration between CSU and Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) made possible with the generous support and leadership of The Cleveland Foundation. The IOTC was formed to bring together the expertise and resources of both universities, leveraging their complementary strengths to drive research and education as well asengagement with the public and private sectors. CWRU spearheads its efforts through the Institute for Smart, Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS), analogous to the CSU TECH Hub.
The universities engage with other higher education institutions in the region and beyond, and work to strengthen and extend research and education collaborations.  

Public Interest Technology - University Network (PIT-UN)

At the encouragement of the TECH Hub, CSU became a member of the Public Interest Technology - University Network (PIT-UN) in 2020. Launched in 2019, PIT-UN is a partnership that unites colleges and universities committed tobuilding the field of public interest technology (PIT). Through the development of curricula, research agendas and experiential learning programs in the PIT space, these institutions aim to develop graduates with skills and knowledge at the intersection of technology and policy. PIT-UN has an annual funding opportunity (“Network Challenge”) for member universities. The TECH Hub coordinates submissions on behalf of CSU, bringing together multidisciplinary teams from across campus. For more information on the PIT-UN Network Challenge, click here.

Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI)

Through the IOTC, the TECH Hub and the ISSACS represent one of 17 Regional Programming Centers of the Ohio Cyber Range Institute
across the state. These organizations support OCRI in the development, facilitation and delivery of programming to advance its mission: Close the cybersecurity skills gap, build a strong workforce pipeline, and strengthen the economy and security of Ohio. To learn more, contact TECH Hub Co-director Professor Brian Ray of the College of Law. 


The TECH Hub is a member of CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute, a U.S. government-funded nonprofit organization that works to drive smart manufacturing. CESMII's mission is to radically accelerate the development and adoption of advanced sensors, controls, platforms and models to deliver real-time business improvements in U.S. manufacturing. In recognition of our region’s strong ecosystem and expertise in smart manufacturing, combined with outstanding industry partnerships, the U.S. Department of Energy and CESMII selected our partner
ISSACS at CWRU to lead a Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) in Cleveland.


MetroLab Network's mission is to put science into cities. Launched in 2015 by 40 mayors and universities as part of the White House SmartCities initiative, MetroLab Network is an international peer network of academics and policymakers focused on civic research and innovation. At its core, MetroLab is a convener and thought leader, living at the intersection of research and implementation. MetroLab membership is available to cities, counties, universities, and colleges that work together to learn best practices, connect with innovators and participate in MetroLab programming. MetroLab’s commitment to building partnerships and multidisciplinary research aligns very closely with the goals of the TECH Hub, a member since 2017. Through our membership, TECH Hub faculty partners gain access to thought leadership and invite-only programming.