If you have purchases exceeding $50,000 a formal solicitation process is required. Templates for these solicitations have been completed and approved by General Counsel. Please contact Purchasing for a copy of the template. The completed template must be returned to Purchasing for review and distribution.

The Purchasing Services Department of Cleveland State University is a service department created to provide centralized control over the procurement activities of the University. The mission of the Purchasing Services Department is:

  • Procurement of supplies, equipment, and services for the faculty, administrative staff, and all operation departments of the University at the time needed and as economically as possible consistent with desired quality.
  • Ensure compliance with all State, and Federal regulations as well as University established policy.
  • Implementation of volume buying by this University and of buying in
  • Maintain a commitment to excellence through professional ethics and best business practices
  • Maintenance of a consistent and fair policy toward the business community which provides for the University's needs.
  • Provision of special, personalized assistance to faculty and staff members when needed in the area of procurement.

Purchasing Policy


Other Services
In addition to the procurement function, the Purchasing Services Department has the responsibility for other functions within the University, including Property Control on campus.