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Cleveland State University depends on a wide variety of equipment to support its mission of providing a quality education for students. Currently, the movable equipment (i.e., non-fixed items value at $5,000 or greater) totaled 5,714 items with a value of over 55 million dollars. The task of recording and accounting for this property is the responsibility of the Property Control Department. This task, however, requires the on-going cooperation of all University departments to ensure accuracy.

Property Control's primary mission is to provide a systematic accounting of all movable equipment at the University. This is necessary to:

  • Ensure compliance with University policies and federal and state regulations.
  • Identify and monitor all major acquisition and provide a property database for management purposes.
  • Provide a control while safeguarding the assets of the University.

Disposal of Obsolete Property: The University encourages the disposal of worn-out or obsolete equipment. Whenever possible, Property Control tries to sell by competitive bid, any items of value. Receipts of these sales are deposited in the University's general fund account.

Surplus Inventory is available to Faculty and Staff. The items in our Inventory are available free of charge for campus use. Viewing of the Surplus is available by appointment:


8am – 4pm


Relinquishing Items to Property Control

Property Control accepts Electronics, Office furniture, Tools and Equipment. Any items outside these categories give us a call. We will make arrangements to come view the items you wish to relinquish.The next step is to put in a service request for the movers to pick up your items. Relinquished items are a no charge pickup.

If you have any further questions about submitting a service request call ext.2500


Current Auctions

Peter Pate
Property Control Manager


Rachel Mika
Records Management Officer

Vaughn McCance
Stores Clerk