Online Requester Training

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Requesters have the responsibility to add the chart field codes to the cart before it is submitted into the approval process.  These carts are either assigned to them by shoppers who want to purchase items or are created by the Requesters themselves.  Requesters also have access to the General tab in MagnusMart where special information can be added before the cart becomes a purchase requisition.  This includes such things as special handling instructions for payment requests, marking the purchase requisition as a continuous order, or adjusting the fiscal year.  Finally, when requisitions are returned by an Approver, they come to the Requester as a “returned cart”.  The Requester is responsible to make the necessary changes or send the cart back to the Shopper.

In order for a Requester to do their job correctly in MagnusMart, they need to receive basic training in the duties and responsibilities of their role.  The Online Requester training course is designed to provide that, including how to navigate within MagnusMart.  To get started, select the button below and follow along with the demonstration.  Be sure to have your speakers turned on and your volume adjusted as this is a narrated course.  It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete the training.  You are welcome to pause, back up, and repeat a section to enhance your understanding of a topic.

Upon completing the course, you will be redirected back to this page, where you can confirm that you watched the entire course and understand the requirements of an Requester.  A confirmation email will be sent to you and to the MagnusMart Administrator.  If this is the last course you require to fulfill the training for your assigned role(s), you will be granted access to MagnusMart.  Please allow 24 hours following completion of the course for activation.

The course is best viewed using Chrome or Internet Explorer.