Travel Authorization and Expense Training

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The workflow for travel approval is different from one department or college to the next.  Attempts to use MagnusMart to obtain travel authorization and submit expense reports electronically were unsuccessful.  A solution is now in place using an electronic document that is completed and approved digitally or manually , then submitted through MagnusMart for reimbursement.   The procedure has four steps:   1) Authorization to travel, 2) Make the trip and return, 3) Travel & Expense Report, and 4) Submit Request for Reimbursement using MagnusMart.

To help the new or infrequent traveler navigate through the process, detailed instructions are provided in this online tutorial.

To get started, select the button below and follow along with the demonstration.  Be sure to have your speakers turned on and your volume adjusted as this is a narrated course.  It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete the training.  You are welcome to pause, back up, and repeat a section to enhance your understanding of a topic.