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Faculty Personnel Policies

A PDF compliation of the Faculty Personnel Policies is available here: 

3344-11-01  Faculty Personnel Policies
3344-11-02  Definitions
3344-11-03  Standards and procedure for faculty appointments, continuation,
                      promotion and tenure (non-bargaining unit members only).

3344-11-04  Conflict of Interest
3344-11-05  Academic Freedom
3344-11-06  Sanction and dismissal procedures (non-bargaining unit members only)
3344-11-07  Appointment of Chairs, School Director and Deans
3344-11-08  Resignation and Retirement
3344-11-09  Leave of absence (non-bargaining unit members only)
3344-11-10  Grants and contracts for research, training, and other purposes
3344-11-11  Consulting and other extramural employment (non-bargaining unit
                      members only)

3344-11-12  Candidacy for Public Office
3344-11-13  Attachment A - 1940 statement of principles on academic freedom and

3344-11-14  Attachment B - A statement on professional ethics and academic

3344-11-15  Attachment C – 1958 statement on procedural standards in faculty
                      dismissal proceedings

3344-11-16  Attachment D - Arrest, dismissal, reinstatement

3344-12-01  Personnel policies for persons with special faculty status
3344-12-02  General policies for persons with special non-bargaining faculty status
3344-12-03  Policies pertaining to part-time single term instructors
3344-12-04  Policies pertaining to college lecturers
3344-12-05  Policies pertaining to clinical professors
3344-12-06  Policies pertaining to college of law clinical professors and legal writing

3344-12-07  Policies pertaining to adjunct faculty
3344-12-08  Policies pertaining to research faculty
3344-12-09  Policies pertaining to visiting faculty

3344-13-01  Bylaws of the faculty senate
3344-13-02  The faculty senate
3344-13-03  Standing committees
3344-13-04  Amendments

3344-14-01  Bylaws of the faculty of the college of graduate studies
3344-14-02  Name
3344-14-03  Membership
3344-14-04  Powers
3344-14-05  Officers
3344-14-06  Meetings
3344-14-07  Graduate council
3344-14-08  Administrative responsibilities
3344-14-09  Amendments

3344-15-01  Bylaws of the office of research
3344-15-02  Name
3344-15-03  University research council

3344-16-01  Other faculty personnel policies
3344-16-02  Classroom and related responsibilities
3344-16-03  Faculty professional development
3344-16-04  Off-campus teaching
3344-16-05  Faculty-student ratio
3344-16-06  Holiday observances
3344-16-07  Retirement
3344-16-08  Emeriti faculty
3344-16-09  Parking facilities
3344-16-10  Travel expenses
3344-16-11  Library
3344-16-12  Recreation facilities
3344-16-13  Provision and use of university postage
3344-16-14  University teaching council