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Export Control

Export Controls

Export control laws are federal statutes that govern the shipment, transmission, or transfer of regulated items, information and software to foreign countries, persons or entities.  They were created to protect the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.  Export control laws impact University activities in obvious ways, such as controlling whether certain sensitive research may be shared with foreign nationals, and in much less obvious ways, such as governing aspects of faculty travel. 

The Board of Trustees has adopted an Export Control Policy.  This website also provides basic information about export control and where to find additional information.  University personnel should learn about their export control obligations if they are involved in any of the following activities:

  • Conducting research in export-restricted science and engineering areas;
  • Traveling overseas with high-tech equipment, including advanced GPS units;
  • Traveling to, or collaborating with colleagues in, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria or Sudan;
  • Sponsoring international exchange visitors who will participate in research that is controlled under export control laws;
  • Sponsoring foreign nationals for H1-B visas; and
  • Conducting sponsored research where the sponsor restricts the publication or dissemination of the results.

Violations of export control laws carry civil and criminal penalties and have been enforced against higher education institutions and individual faculty members.  It is the responsibility of principal investigators, travelers and sponsors to ensure compliance with export control laws. 

Export Control Laws and Important Concepts and Terms
Sponsoring an exchange visitor or foreign national employee
U.S. Department of Commerce training resources

For more information, research faculty may contact Jack Kraszewski, Director, Technology Transfer Office, (216) 687-5108.  Other University personnel may contact Kelly King, Deputy General Counsel, (216) 687-3543.