Information Services and Technology

Data Center

Overview - An Enterprise-Level Data Center to Meet Strategic Campus Needs

The University Data Center was completely renovated in 2003, to benefit the CSU campus by providing a secure, comprehensive, professionally managed data center to meet the growing information technology (IT) needs of researchers, colleges and schools, students and administrative units at Cleveland State University.

Data Center Benefits to researchers, colleges, schools and administrative units.

  • Enhanced physical and data security, redundant power and cooling systems, and redundant data center class high-speed networking to ensure availability of critical research and administrative systems.
  • Space is available now, and Information Service and Technology (IS&T) has a long-term plan to continue expanding capacity.  Departments using the Data Center can free up valuable physical office space and avoid the significant time and cost of designing, building and maintaining local servers.
  • Professional, 24/7 technical support and management of every facet of the CSU Data Center ensure that departments can focus on their core mission while IS&T focuses on our IT needs and equipment.
  • IS&T works with customers to install, configure, and test systems before moving them into production.
  • Departments are not charged for the physical space, cooling, power or monitoring software and services.
  • Departments have a great viable option to physical servers. Virtual servers can be sized to meet department needs, often with cost savings, improved data security, and redundancy if needed.

Tours of the Data Center are available for Cleveland State faculty and staff upon request.

Features Of The CSU Data Center

  • Ample space with a raised floor room equipped with server cabinets, network switches, network connections and power distribution equipment.
  • Out-of-Band/Lights-Out Management.
  • Network channel for remote device maintenance.
  • 10Gpbs server support with multiple network media configurations available (A one-time setup fee may apply)*.
  • Campus and Internet connectivity.
  • IT facilities to support departmental system administrators in setting up and supporting systems.
  • The Data Center has physical security and restricted access, including Biometric entrance and exit.
  • The Data Center is monitored with motion sensors and cameras 24/7.
  • Information security in accordance with University Standards.
  • Electrical and mechanical infrastructure designed and built to be concurrently maintainable and engineered for zero downtime.
  • Management of climate control, fire suppression, and power systems
  • Consultation and assessment for academic and administrative units that want to move equipment into the Data Center is available.

Disaster Recovery

IS&T is also responsible for maintaining a remote location for Disaster Recovery (DR) in Columbus Ohio. In the event of a natural, human or mechanical failure where the Data Center is not accessible, the DR facilities in Columbus will be brought online to enable continuing access to information.

Departmental Documents

IS&T provides online document storage space for information that is shared among various departments and staff.  This space has multiple levels of secure access that is defined by the department’s data custodian. See the document ‘Administrative Data Policy’ for more details. 

* Charges (if applicable)

IS&T will work with the customers to identify their technical requirements and the corresponding costs in data center, networking equipment and server backup.  Service Level Agreements (SLA) is also available for on-going professional services.

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