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CSU Book of Trends 2017

The Book of Trends (BOT) 2017 represents the continuing commitment of the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis (IRA) to
present updated information about Cleveland State University (CSU). A variety of tables and charts provide trend information over a
five-year period as well as some key attributes and characteristics of the University for the most recently completed academic year.

The purpose of this publication is to provide readers with frequently requested statistical information used in planning, reporting, and
assessment. In order to serve the campus community more effectively, we welcome suggestions and comments.

1.The student information presented in the Book of Trends 2017 is based on the End of Semester files used for Ohio Board of Regents (OBOR) reports unless specifically noted from a different data source.

2. Students exclusively enrolled in English as a Second Language, Study Abroad or other zero credit hour courses are included in the
Book of Trends for years 2011-15.

3. The various Deans’ offices provided IRA with a set of grant/highlight information used to produce Table 4.13. IRA limited these
selections in order to meet space requirements. This table is not intended to be a comprehensive listing, but merely to reflect some
of the interesting activities of our faculty, staff and students

4. Each year we attempt to provide comparative data to other colleges and universities in Ohio. These comparisons are
typically centered on information available from the Ohio Board of Regents’ Higher Education Information System (HEI) http:// At the time of publication a few of the tables normally presented here were not available due to
some schools updating prior years’ data, or changes to the HEI system. Please be aware that the HEI tables presented in this year’s
book represent various states of completion:

a. The data may be complete for the reporting year and can be used accordingly.

b. The data may be complete for most institutions, but a few may be unfinalized, in which case only finalized ones are reported or in
some cases unfinalized numbers are included but footnoted as such.

c. In some cases many schools had unfinalized the type of data being reviewed and in those cases we have simply reproduced the prior
year’s data with appropriate titles and footnotes.


Note: Based on feedback received from the campus community, we have removed some selected tables from the Book of Trends. If you require data
from any of these missing tables, please contact our office and we can provide you with the requisite information.

Please direct questions and/or suggestions to 216-687-4700. The entire Book of Trends series is available online on the IRA website

We encourage you to reference the web version of the Book of Trends because we can easily make changes/updates if necessary.
By the same token, if a URL is provided in the book such as the ones linked to Research Centers & Institutes, the Ohio Board of
Regents, etc., we encourage you to refer to the linked site for the most up-to-date information.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the campus community as well as our graduate assistants for
their support and contributions to this publication.

Institutional Research & Analysis
Cleveland State University