Book of Trends

Beginning in 2019 there will no longer be a published version of the Book of Trends. Because the purpose of this publication was to provide readers with frequently requested statistical information used in planning, reporting, and assessment, we have chosen to continue sharing this information via the Excel spreadsheets below.

In hopes of easing the transition to electronic delivery of this information we have kept Book of Trends table names/numbers in these spreadsheets. Based on feedback received from the campus community, we have included the most requested tables and charts. If you require data from a specific table we did not include this year, please contact our office and we can provide you with the requisite information.

The files below represent tables that would have appeared in the 2019 Book of Trends that would have traditionally been published near the end of the Fall 2019 semester.

FileBook Of Trends - Chapter 2

FileBook of Trends - Chapter 3: Enrollments by Major

FileBook of Trends - Chapter 3: Enrollments by Class Standing

FileBook of Trends - Chapter 3: Enrollments by Ethnicity

FileBook of Trends - Chapter 5: Retention and Persistence

FileBook of Trends - Chapter 5: Graduates by Program



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