Health & Wellness Services


It is hereby understood and agreed that the Policy to which this endorsement is attached is amended as follows: 

STUDENT HEALTH CENTER (SHC) REFERRAL REQUIRED STUDENTS ONLY The student should use the services of the SHC first where treatment will be administered, or referral issued. Expenses incurred for medical treatment rendered outside of the SHC for which no prior approval or referral is obtained will be subject to an additional $350 Deductible. A referral issued by the SHC must accompany the claim when submitted. Only one referral is required for each Injury or Sickness per Policy Year.  

A SHC referral for outside care is not necessary only under any of the following conditions:

  •  1. Medical Emergency. The student must return to SHC for necessary follow-up care. 
  •  2. When the SHC is closed.
  •  3. When service is rendered at another facility during break or vacation periods.
  •  4. Medical care received when the student is more than 50 miles from campus.
  •  5. Medical care is obtained when a student is no longer able to use the SHC due to a change in student status. 
  •  6. Maternity, obstetrical and gynecological care. 
  •  7. Mental Illness treatment and Substance Use Disorder treatment. Dependents are not eligible to use the SHC; and therefore, are exempt from the above limitations and requirements.