Graduate Student Resource Center

Three Minute Thesis Training

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Developing a Perfect Pitch

Prep Workshop -November 18 at 5pm
Graduate Student Center, Rhodes West #238
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​​​​​​The College of Graduate Studies is here to support you!  Learn to make an effective and engaging presentation in three minutes or less and gain valuable exposure! 

Build your Perfect Pitch Skills while competing for prizes, awards and recognition. PLUS:
  1. Improve your ability to communicate your research for your own advantage or for competition.
  2. Build the attention and the audience that your work deserves.
  3. Summarize your research in no more than three minutes to a non-scientific audience.
  4. Captivate your audience with a crisp presentation and a captivating performance.
  5. Learn and practice the essential presentation elements of preparation and performance.
  6. Practice and demonstrate various methods to best sell yourself and your message with voice, presence, tone, movement, etc.
  7. Create a video that is yours to keep and share in your digital communications. Add the link to your email signature, CV or resume, social media, LinkedIn, and in other creative ways.

Join us for training to build your Perfect Pitch Skills and create your own video. Participation in the CSU 3MT competition is highly encouraged for your professional development, but not required.   

Read more about the CSU 3MT Competition and  View CSU's 2020 Regional Conference Finalist.