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General meetings are open to ALL Cleveland State University master's, doctoral and law students from all Colleges and programs. Students in their final year of undergraduate studies are also invited to join.

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The mission and purpose of Graduate & Professional Student Association is to serve as a liaison for all CSU graduate students, to provide CSU graduate students with an on-campus social and professional network, and to promote the interests of graduate students in all disciplines in a fair and equitable way.

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New Officers are elected each spring semester.  Interested in leadership?
Membership and involvement will certainly build your resume!  GPSA offers leadership roles in finance, event planning, membership and recruitment, social media, and more. Elections are held in spring semester.

The Graduate & Professional Student Association holds monthly membership meetings and other social, professional development, and advocacy events throughout the academic year. Be sure to follow the Graduate & Professional Student Association on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

GPSA Highlights

Fall 2018:  Graduate student-centered programming expanded with new officers and new initiatives for connecting graduate students both socially and professionally. GPSA began representing grad students with first-time membership on campus committees, boards and governing bodies. GPSA contracted with Last Call Trivia for grad student Trivia Nights at Chili's in fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2018: The College of Graduate Studies opens the doors to the new Graduate Student Center as home to the Graduate Student Resource Center and GPSA.  This is the first dedicated space for graduate students. Grad students will find spaces for group work, quiet study, meetings, plus a lounge area. Stop in to study, eat or just relax! The Grad Student Center, pictured here, is located in Rhodes West #210.

Fall 2017: The Graduate & Professional Student Association was selected as a voting member of the General Fee Advisory Committee, effective August, 2018, bringing opportunities and representation for the grad student population to have a vote on how student fees are allocated. GPSA continues to work toward representation on campus committees, boards and governing bodies.

Spring 2017: Mayor of Cleveland hosts the Graduate & Professional Student Association and issues a formal proclamation in recognition of Graduate Student Appreciation Week, April 2017. GPSA releases a statement about January '17 Executive Order on Immigration.  Click here to view statement. #AllareWelcomeHere

Fall 2016: Cleveland State University graduate students participated in the 30th Anniversary National Association of Graduate - Professional Student Conference held Nov. 3-6 at Stony Brook University.  CSU Graduate & Professional Student Association Members and officers of the joined representatives of 32 universities from across the United States to celebrate, promote and advocate for graduate students.

Fall 2016: Graduate Students served as Orientation Leaders CSU's first Graduate Student Orientation. They welcomed more than 400 attendees who participated in the optional orientation event to learn more about Cleveland State University.  GPSA lobbied for Cleveland State Graduate Student inclusion in Homecoming after a four-year hiatus. Congratulations Erica Henkin (Levin College of Urban Affairs) and Zack Pichler (College of Education and Human Services) for their nomination to the 2016 Homecoming Court!

Spring 2016: Graduate Student Appreciation Week was kicked off for the very first time with the guidance and support of dozens of graduate students who helped to facilitate and participate numerous graduate events and activities across campus.

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This organization is subject, as a recognized student organization, to the rules, regulations, and policies of Cleveland State University and the laws of the State of Ohio. The rules, regulations, and policies of Cleveland State University shall hold precedence over all rules, regulations, and policies applying to the organization, including those of national associations with which the organization is affiliated.