Graduate Student Resource Center

GSRC Serves Your Needs

Professional Development 

As a unit of the College of Graduate Studies, the GSRC provides large-scale or individualized and innovative programs such as College of Graduate Annual Awards Program, Three Minute Thesis Awards, Graduate Student Appreciation Week, and Graduate Student Orientation. We also collaborate with experts for programming on Graduate Level Writing, Networking, Assimilation to Grad School, Conference Presentations, Dissertation/Thesis submissions. The GSRC provides advisement on your professional development and hosts events including leadership opportunities, conference prep, research conversation, community connection, and professional/career development.

Campus Connection

At the Graduate Student Resource Center, you can find information about services and gain assistance in connecting with academic or nonacademic offices that provide student services and resources in a variety of areas. Nothing beats a visit to the Center to see what's up and coming for graduate students, learn how to access necessary CSU resources, or simply find answers your questions.

Student Lounge & Work Space

The GSRC staff manages the Graduate Student Lounge with the assistance of the Graduate & Professional Student Association. It is a place for grad students to connect, relax, study and regroup. While it is important to bring our services to students with scheduled appointments or walk-ins and workshops presented live or online, we also know it is important to serve basic needs for study, prep, collaboration, conversation and respite. Having a central campus location makes it convenient for students from all colleges to participate in our activities, attend to group projects, find quiet study space, engage in cross-disciplinary research discussion, reserve meeting or presentation space in our large boardroom, or simply relax, warm up a meal, play a game in the lounge area, or connect with a peer from the Graduate & Professional Student Association. Open daily during Fall & Spring semesters.

Graduate Faculty and Staff

Having frequent contact with grad students, faculty serve an important role with the GSRC in identifying workshop topics, sharing student successes, participating in Grad Awards programs, and sharing graduate educational trends within specialized academic programs. As students build and enrich their knowledge and success in classrooms, studios, clinics, and laboratories across campus, we support you, along with those who are studying or working off-campus in research, clinicals, internships, practicum, student teaching, and in fellowships.