Environmental Health and Safety

Insurance/Risk Management

Insurance Program Management

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety works collaboratively
and shares responsibility for insurance services and risk management
issues with a number of different University departments. Insurance
services and the departments responsible for them are listed below:

  • Automobile (University-owned and leased) Damage and Losses
  • Accident Kits and Auto Insurance Cards
  • Loss Control
  • Inter-University Council Insurance Consortium
  • Property Damage and Losses
  • University-Owned equipment damage and losses
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Summary of Insurances
  • Fifteen Passenger Van Training

Office of the University General Counsel (Ext. 3543)

  • Liability claims and related issues

Office of Human Resources (Ext. 3636)

  • Motor Vehicle Checks
  • Workers' Compensation Program

Center for International Services (Ext. 3910)

  • International Travel

Questions about insurance programs, loss control, claims processing (automobile or property), or how to obtain certificates of insurance. Including questions regarding overall risk management and insurance program organization may be all directed to:

Robert Howerton, Office of Environmental Health and Safety 
Email: r.howerton@csuohio.edu
Phone: (216) 687-3715