Environmental Health and Safety

Automobile Damages and Losses

In the event a Cleveland State University owned vehicle becomes damaged as a result of collision, vandalism, theft, windshield breakage, or related loss, a claim can be processed for recovery.

Driving and Motor Vehicle Policy click here:  PDF icon DRIVING AND MOTOR VEHICLE POLICY 

Accident Reporting Kit for IUC:  Accident Reporting Kit for IUC pg 1   Accident Reporting Kit for IUC pg 2

Auto Identification Card July 2020-2022: PDF icon Auto Identification Card 2020-2022  


Claims for automobile damage shall be submitted to The Office of Environmental Health & Safety within ninety (90) days; any claims submitted after this time period shall not be processed or considered.

Accident Kits are provided for in each University-owned vehicle. CSU employees should refer to the instruction in these kits as soon as the accident occurs.

For damages to a CSU leased vehicle, operator should follow the instructions found in the Accident Kit provided in the vehicle.

Following an accident, employees should:

  1. Remain as calm as possible
  2. Protect the scene and vehicle from any further damage.
  3. Provide assistance to any injured parties by calling 9-1-1. Notify the local police department. If you are on campus, contact CSU Police.
  4. Obtain contact information from the other parties involved, including any witness information where applicable.
  5. DO NOT discuss the facts of the accident with anyone other than a law enforcement agency or a representative of CSU or their insurance company.
  6. As soon as possible, notify Robert Howerton, Office of Environmental Health and Safety or email at r.howerton@csuohio.edu.
  7. Provide an estimate for repairs as soon as you can to the above.

The Risk & Insurance Administration Consultant will notify the University's insurance carrier of the accident. Risk & Insurance Administration Consultant shall provide the University's insurance carrier with a copy of the police report, photos of the damage, and estimates for repairs. Our insurance company requires two estimates if the cost of the repairs is greater than $3000. Please be aware that all CSU vehicles have a $1,000 deductible.

Departments may incur initial costs for repair. Upon completion of the repairs and successful processing of the claim, the insurance company will issue a check, less any deductible amount, to the University. Once payment is received from the insurance company, affected departments may provide the Controller's Office with an account number so a budget transfer can be made to cover replacement and/or repair costs incurred by the department.