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Property Loss

Property Loss Claims

Immediately upon becoming aware of property loss or damage. The Offices of Facilities Services and Environmental Health and Safety will also initiate in the cases of University emergencies. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will work with CSU departments, secure photographs if applicable, and facilitate an on-site visit by an insurance adjuster. The adjuster may provide an initial estimate for repair and or replacement.

It is the goal of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety and the Controller's Office to provide services in the area of insurance claims management so that departments receive reimbursement on approved claims in a timely manner. We request your assistance in achieving this goal by asking employees provide complete and accurate documentation in order to expedite the claims process. Incomplete and or missing documentation may delay your claim.

CSU is responsible for the first $100,000 deductible for any University owned items or equipment. Please note: Personal items are not covered by CSU insurance including, cell phones, IPads, personal computer, or any personal belongings. 

The following process has been developed to assist Cleveland State University employees in preparing the necessary documentation for filing an insurance claim for University-owned property.

CSU Property Loss Claim Form must be completed and submitted to Robert Howerton, Office of Environmental Health and Safety no later than ninety (90) days following the date of discovery of the loss. Forms received after this date will not be processed/considered.

Download:PDF icon CSU Property Claim Form 


To expedite processing, employees are asked to provide the Office of Environmental Health and Safety with the following documentation:

DO NOT DISCARD damaged property until authorized to do so by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Guidance on filling out the CSU Insurance Claim Form

  1. Copy of the CSU Police Report
  2. Two (2) replacement quotations for the equipment or for comparable equipment
  3. Copies of the original purchase orders and/or invoices for the lost/damaged equipment (packing slips are not acceptable) *Please note: You must have submitted 2 quotes prior to purchasing that equipment to the Purchasing Department.  

Departments may incur initial replacement or other costs. Upon satisfactory repair and/or replacement, the insurance company will issue a check to the University, less any applicable deductibles, to cover cost of property loss/damage. Once payment is received from the insurance company, affected departments may provide the Controller's Office with an account number so a budget transfer can be made to cover replacement and/or repair costs incurred by the department.

  1. The Contact person must be someone who is knowledgeable as to the details of the loss. Include their office fax phone numbers.
  2. Regarding the incident, include the department and the building where the loss occurred, the date the loss occurred, and a brief description of the property and the events surrounding the incident.
  3. If someone else besides University Police was notified about the incident, please identify the individual and provide a telephone contact number.
  4. The Attachments are very important. Photographs serve to substantiate the existence and extent of damages incurred, demonstrate the type of specialized equipment if applicable, and basically provides legitimacy.
  5. Provide Property Control inventory numbers if applicable and identify the manufacturer, model number and serial number.
  6. If significant property damage occurs in association with the incident related to the loss, or if the loss is related to suspected theft or criminal damage, University Police must be notified.
  7. Contact Robert Howerton, Office of Environmental Health and Safety at (216) 687-3715 or at r.howerton@csuohio.edu for any questions related to the insurance claims process.