The Center for Faculty Excellence

Faculty Learning Community


Spring 2024

Faculty Learning Communities for the Spring Semester will take place via a Hybrid format. Please read each description for details.



This faculty learning community is built around reading and discussing the book “Flipped Learning: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty” by Robert Talbert, available as an eBook through the Michael Schwartz library. Meeting Dates Mondays 1:30pm -2:20pm: 1/22/24, 2/5/24, 2/19/24, and 3/4/24. 

The goal of this faculty learning community is for participants to be able to:

  • Describe flipped learning and its benefits.
  • Write a module plan that involves flipping some elements of instruction.
  • Discuss the benefits of using flipped learning models in remote teaching environments.



The purpose of the Science of Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community is to examine the existing psychological theories on effective learning strategies. Faculty will discuss how to apply these theories to their teaching to improve student success in their courses. The content of this FLC overlaps the Gateway FLC offered previously in 2018-2022. Meeting Dates Tuesdays, 10:00am-11:00am. 2/20/24, 3/5/24,  3/19/24 and 3/26/24. 



The Inclusive Teaching FLC will consider current theory and practice related to understanding the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of our students, and how our choice of teaching, assessment and curriculum practices can promote equitable outcomes for all. The group will read the book Inclusive Teaching by Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy. A copy of the eBook is available through the Michael Schwartz Library. Meeting Dates Mondays 1:30pm- 2:20pm : 3/25/24, 4/8/24, 4/22/24 and 5/6/24 (tentative).